l Observatory Security Vial


The June 28, 2017 the headquarters of Abertisat Madrid received the And Observatory of Security Vial, a day centred at debating on the conduction of the biggest of 70 years. At «Conducting at the 70 and at the 80» different experts of the sector of the security vial go reflexionar on aspects as if it would have to exist a maximum age to conduct or which class of measures of control it is necessary to take on the state psicofísic of the big drivers.

The day divided at two round tables. The first, moderated by Aquilino Molinero, industrial engineer and member of the committee of experts of Ponle Brake, centred predominately at the mobility and sinistralitat of the senior drivers. The rest of experts that took part at this first panel go being Rosa Ramírez, SubdirectoraGeneral of Analysis and Statistical Surveillance of the DGT; Cristina Zamorano, Cape of the Centre of Security Vial at Autopistas; Paco Canes, President of the State Association of Victims of Accidents DAY; and Jacobo Díaz, CEO of the Spanish Association of the Road.

One of the principal derivative conclusions of this first session goes being that the community of drivers of more of 70 years suffers a social stigmatisation. Although some that treats of the group of citizens with a more elevated index of letalitat, the statistics confirm that largely this index of sinistralitat links at his rol as a pedestrians or passengers, no as a drivers. In fact, the drivers of more of 70 years ─that represent the 9% of the total of the 26 million of persons that have a permission or licence to conduct Spanish─ belong at the community that less risks assumes and less accidents provokes.

The second round table of the day had as a central axis the physical capacities of the big persons and the control that does the administration. This session, moderated by Sergi Loughney, Director of Institutional Relations and RSC of Abertis and Foundation Abertis, had the interventions of the Dr. Josep M. Ramírez, Director Manager of the Institute Guttmann; Bonifacio Martín, General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Medical Centres-Psychotechnic, and Luis Montoro, President of FESVIAL.

In general, it posed of manifesto that is absolutely necessary an improvement of the medical inspections that accredit the aptitudes psicofísiques of the drivers, and also a review of the periodicity at that they carry out . Since a medical point of view, there is not any scientific base to limit the conduction owed at the age, like this then, foreseeing the progressive aging of the populace of Spain, would be advisable that the administration took the necessary measures to guarantee the security of continuums the drivers.

The cycle of Observatories Security Vial is an initiative framed in the activity of the Foundation Abertis and his commitment with the security vial